Professional Support

All products developed by Tambool are covered under our support and warranty services. Our professional support staff is fully committed to our customer success. Our service level agreements provide 24/7 technical support to ensure 100% up-time  or your mobile applications.

Our fee-based service are provided to ensure trouble free performance of our application and to ensure a positive customer experience with our products and services. Our customers can choose from a layered level of services based on their needs.

Implementation support

• Technical integration with MDM setup
• End-to-end performance load testing
• Go-live roll-out support
• User training and documentation

Production support

• Post go-live production support
• Bug-fix and patches
• On-call support



All our post go-live annual warranties cover high quality product maintenance support through proactive bug fixes to prevent any outages and also through our bi-annual product patch releases.


Whether you’re new to mobile application development or already have developed a few mobile applications our high quality custom training offers are designed to help you enhance your mobile web development skills. As part of our implementation we offer professional training not only on the mobile application development platform but also on our products and solutions.