Tambool Mobile

Our products run on Multiple mobile operating system platforms providing responsive and engaging mobile application experience.

Industry Standard Framework

We use industry standard framework that utilizes web standards to enable the seamless creation and delivery of touch-enabled mobile web experiences across all mobile devices.

Depending on your unique requirements we can create a native, hybrid or web applications using industry standard framework that is easy to develop, maintain and support. Unlike our competition we don’t lock you into our solution.

We employ HTML5, JavaScript, Jquery and  CSS3 while leveraging open source third party deployment platforms like phone gap device database to deliver optimized web apps with native feature support such as swiping, tilting and much more. Our code is platform independent and is portable unlike our competitors who lock your code into their tool and is hard reuse the code outside of the IDE tool.

We also develop customized native apps in iOS and Android platforms Utilizing the robust and Cloud-Based middlewareOur solution simplifies  back-end integration complexities reducing the time and cost of enterprise mobile applications development.