Need for data mobility

Data on Mobile is an inventible next step for any business enterprise today to cater to the growing demand for business data on mobile devices. With the rapid changes in the market demands for digital content to be available everywhere it will be a challenge to make your mobile solutions work responsively across all platforms. The organizations not only need have to have in-house core expertise in mobile application development platforms but also need to pull in cross functional technical experts to do data mapping from enterprise back office systems or web services to be pushed to mobile devices.

Key benefits of a successful enterprise mobile application implementation:

• Instant access to key business information on the go
• Speed up decision making process for managers and decision makers
• Faster response to resolving business critical issues
• Increased productivity
• Improved brand perception by your customers

Developing apps and mobile websites across multiple devices is the first step to make your data agile, but there are other critical steps to sucessfully implement a mobile solution like deploy, manage and secure these apps and web content across all devices. For enterprises the secret sauce to a data mobility is the integration of various backend systems  like SAP, Oracle, Siebel; thats where Tambool can help you by providing a transperant backend integrations without extensive changes to your backend systems.

Tambool’s  integrated solution of cloud-based services helps you to deliver the whole spectrum of mobile experience to your customers and employees.

We believe that our  mobile technology is   to help you provide innovative solutions, improve productivity  and make your enterprise data available anywhere and anytime.

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